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The Link Remote MR5400 Wireless Multi-Bin Sweep Auger System allows the operator to control the unload and or sweep auger in multiple grain bins with a single wireless remote. This system gives you the flexibility and control when and where you need it. Select “Local” mode and run the system as normal with the panel controls, select “Remote” mode and use the wireless remote to control the unload and or sweep auger. The MR5400 system can be customized to fit any grain bin setup no matter the size or complexity.

The MR5400 System is designed to bring a level of safety and control to operating the unloading and sweep auger systems that you can only get with wireless control technology.

For more information on the product and on pricing, call +1 (765) 382-6640, or email

MR5400 Features

  • Utilizes proven RF wireless technology
  • Transmitters have integrated 2 touch start with safety activation button
  • Conforms to FCC Part 15 requirements
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Installed directly into the current operating panel (space permitting) or into a steel IP65 rated weather-proof panel.
  • Operates only the sweep and unload augers, the leg and pit operate independently still in manual or auto mode
  • Can be wired to only operate when leg and pit are energized and operating
  • System can be customized to meet individual needs
  • Learn button for easy pairing of transmitters
  • Safety strobe light alerts that system is in remote mode

Wireless Transmitter

  • 2.4GHz and 433MHz frequency available
  • Built-in internal antenna
  • 16.5 million unique address codes
  • Operating range 300′ – 400′ unobstructed
  • Additional transmitter easily paired with receivers

System Compatibility

  • This system can be used with a gear driven 480 volt 3 phase power sweep or a traditional belt driven 240 volt removable sweep auger. The MR5400 works well with automated PLC systems or contactor systems and can be wired to work in sequence with auto mode control systems.
  • For single bins without controls with only a 240 volt unload auger and sweep auger we offer our Model 7950 Bin Buddy Wireless Remote Box. This box is a portable system that you plug into the power and then into the auger motor and or sweep auger motor and allows you to control remotely.


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