Link Remote Model 7940F


RP02125-6PR -SA Key-Fob Transmitter

6 -Button Petroleum Route Configuration – 6 button Key-Fob

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Product Details

Part Number – LR07940F

The Link Remote System comes with the base receiver, 1 – RP02125-6PR -433MHz hand-held transmitter with a safety lanyard. Installation parts include 48” wiring harness with the compatible 2 prong plug that fits the base receiver. 120” of 1/4 “SAE J844 nylon tubing, 1- 1/4” air tee connector and 2- 1/4” straight air connectors.  


The Link Remote Model 7940F was designed specifically for Bobtail petroleum route trucks with a dual PTO and twin metering pumps. The Model 7940F gives the operator full control to start and stop the metering pumps from right at the work.

Each fuel type has its own dedicated set of buttons, the remote comes equipped with an E-Stop feature that allows you to shutdown all the pneumatic functions even if the system has been engaged with the manual hand valve. When activated, a safety alarm sounds as a reminder that you are in the E-Stop position. A Reset button allows you to return to normal activity when ready.

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7940F Features

  • Utilizes proven RF wireless technology
  • Safety E-Stop allows for quick system shutdown
  • Conforms to FCC Part 15 requirements
  • 16.5 million possible address codes
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Simple to use and easy to install

Transmitter (Key-Fob)

  • 433.92 MHz frequency
  • Built-in internal antenna
  • 16.5 million unique address codes
  • Operating range 300′ – 400′ unobstructed
  • Additional transmitter easily paired with receivers

Link Receiver Base

  • NEMA 4X IP66 related polycarbonate enclosure
  • Wireless receiver can learn up to 4 transmitters
  • Long lasting highly tested air solenoids
  • Rugged DOT approved push-in fittings
  • SAE J844 DOT Approved nylon air-brake hose
  • 5 Amp easily replaceable glass fuse
  • Power indicator light
  • Molded 2 prong quick connect cord
  • Manual red safety “STOP” button
  • Intermittent safety alarm when in E-Stop position



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